Climate lawsuits – Can you sue for a better future?

13. Mai 2020 um 18:00 – 19:30
online via zoom
Climate lawsuits - Can you sue for a better future? @ online via zoom

Can you sue for a better future? It’s your right to a sustainable world!

Greenpeace has filed Austria’s first climate protection lawsuit at the Constitutional Court.
Taking the train is a form of climate protection – unfortunately, it is often more expensive than flying. And there’s a reason for that: airlines still receive preferential treatment when it comes to taxes, while the ÖBB does not.

Together with over 8,000 plaintiffs, Greenpeace will now take this matter to the Constitutional Court in the form of a class-action suit.

This is only one example of how we can fight for our right for climate protection.

Gregor Schamschula is part of the ÖKOBÜRO as an environmental lawyer. He coordinates the legal department and focuses his work mainly on the water, environmental impact assessment, European and participation law. The ÖKOBÜRO fights for the rights of the environmental movement as an alliance independent of the state, parties, and companies.

In this talk, the expert Gregor Schamschula will tell us more about how the law can be used for protecting our climate. He will answer questions like What is „climate litigation? Who can sue? Who can be sued? On what grounds can be sued?

Following this, he will present four different cases of climate action lawsuits. One of them will be the ONLY successful climate complaint so far worldwide! In the Netherlands, the Supreme Court has obliged the state to take more stringent climate protection measures.

Stay tuned!!

ℹ️ Additional information:
The event will be held in English 🇬🇧

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