Climate Stress Testing – Lessons learned and Steps ahead

20. Mai 2021 um 11:00 – 12:00
So far, stress-testing has been known as a tool used to analyse how financial institutions perform in difficult economic circumstances. With the climate crises reaching extreme levels, governments have started to use this simulation technique for new purposes 🏦🌎
As the pandemic has clearly shown, climate change brings about a whole new set of risks for financial institutions, challenging conventional stress-testing approaches. The Vice-President of the European Central Bank has recently published a blog post explaining the new framework that is being used to stress-test for climate crisis as well! 📃🤓🌿
Join us and learn more about the potential and importance of this tool in the fight against the climate crisis from Irene Monasterolo, Assistant Professor for Climate Economics and Finance at the Insitute for Ecological Economics at WU Wien 🙌💙
——————————————————————– You wanna know even more about sustainable finance? 🤓
Then come join our other Expert Talk on crypto currencies on Tuesday the 18th of May!
Jakob Hackel will show why some cryptocurrencies actually have such a high energy consumption ➕ present possible solutions and alternatives! 🏦🌿
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