ABGESAGT! EuroEnviro2020 – Combating the Climate Crisis

20. April 2020 um 0:00 – 24. April 2020 um 0:00
ABGESAGT! EuroEnviro2020 - Combating the Climate Crisis @ t.b.a. | Graz | Steiermark | Österreich


EuroEnviro is a congress on environmental issues. Therefore EuroEnviro is a platform for students to exchange ideas from all disciplines and built a European network. Within the scope of lectures, workshops and excursions on this year’s topic a deep and interdisciplinary understanding will be generated. Young students from all cultural and social backgrounds will meet to share their ideas and develop a vision for a green future.

History: The EuroEnviro student symposium was created in 1995 in Born, Germany. The aim was to exchange opinions with other students on environmental sciences and ecopolitical issues. It is a non-profit event, dependant on the work of volunteers. At the end of each symposium, a new group of organisers is chosen from among the attendees. This has led to a natural progression and variation of ideas, perspectives and themes – each symposium is unique, with little in common but a shared concept and an overarching focus on sustainability. The symposium has taken place in many countries throughout the European continent.

Today: 2020 is the 25th anniversary of EuroEnviro. We are proud to announce that EuroEnviro2020 will take place from 20th until 24th April in Graz – Austria. Because of the alarmingly fast progress of climate change the overall topic for this year is going to be:

>>Combating the climate crisis – A systemic approach<<

The topic „climate change“ will be considered from many interesting viewpoints. At the conference, academic knowledge from leading scientists on climate physics, social and economic effects, factors of climate psychology and much more will be shared. Experts will present you the actual knowledge including discussions with and between participants, developing solutions and much more.

A week of interesting lectures, discussions and fun is waiting for you.

For more information and applicationdetails: http://euroenviro.org/

Join the team! Be sustainable!

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