FLIT Bike Workshops

7. Oktober 2017 um 17:00 – 18:30
Culture Exchange
Grazbachgasse 47
8010 Graz

FLIT*: Bike workshops (frauen*lesben*intersex*non-binary*trans*ONLY!)

Anyone who is not defined strictly by a male gender can feel intimidated when it comes to doing male dominated activities. Such as peeing standing up, driving trucks with the window rolled down.. or repairing your bike and learning about bike mechanics. The last one is what we have been thinking about and would like to introduce to you a specialized bike maintenance course only for FLIT* (Female, lesbian, Intersex, trans).
Many of us would love to be more proficient and skilled in taking care of our bicycles, but it can be hard to learn when there is always someone close by to ‘help’ you, or show you how its done in a way that you cannot learn. You do not need to feel intimidated or ashamed of your skills in any way, everyone starts somewhere and that is why we will be hosting these workshops.
You will be taught by Sibylle Hartung, a female bike mechanic from Graz. Our workshops will last 5 weeks here are the topics they will be covering
1. Anatomy of the bicycle: Ever feel already embarrassed when you need to explain a bike problem, and you don’t even know the correct term? This first part of our course will be to simply go through the wonderful invention called ‘the bicycle’ together and learn the basics of terminology. We will also learn about the tools you need for basic repair.
2. Tires and brakes: The most common areas on a bike to fix are your punctured tires and when your brakes are old or need adjusting. The workshop will show you step by step the fastest and best way to change a tire and fiddle with your brakes until they are just right.
3. General Maintenance of the bike: Learn how to keep each part of your bike in working order, if you have any questions regarding your bike this is the class where you can discuss and learn everything and anything.
4. Winter is coming. What should you do to keep your bike in perfect working order all year long, and what kind of protecting and cleaning is the best? Learn all of this here.
5. Repeating all that you have learned from the first four classes, plus covering any areas that you are interested in learning more in.

Each workshop will last aprox 1.5 hours and will take place on the following dates and time
October 7th 5-6:30pm
October 14th 5-6.30pm
October 21st 5-6:30pm
October 28th 5-6:30 pm
November 4th 5-6:30 pm
Its asked that every participant gives a voluntary donation of 1-2 euros to be donated to the teacher. Please send us your name and let us know you are interested to take part in this exciting series of classes, we will have a maximum of 15 spaces so please write us soon. Looking forward to hearing from you

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