Gastvortrag: Global income inequality and climate change

8. Mai 2019 um 12:00 – 13:30
SR 56.11, 1. OG
Brandhofgasse 5
8010 Graz

Gastvortrag Prof. Dr. Klaus Hubacek: Global income inequality and climate change

Invitation to DK Guest Lecture

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hubacek (Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland)


The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change aims to keep warming below 2 °C while recognizing developing countries’ right to eradicate extreme poverty. Poverty eradication is also the first of the Sustainable Development Goals. However, both agreements do not prescribe how these ambitious goals may be achieved in a compatible manner, nor how the burden or responsibility of achieving them may be shared. About half of the global population live on less than 3$ Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) a day. The top 10% earn more 23$ (PPP) per day. Clearly lifestyles, consumption patterns and associated per capita carbon footprints differ enormously between rich and poor and from country to country. But what are the differences in terms of carbon footprint? What is the contribution to total carbon emissions of the global middle class or the global elites? Do we see a convergence of consumption patterns and carbon footprints of rich folks across countries? What are the carbon implications of moving hundreds of millions of people out of poverty as proposed in the sustainable development goals? These are some of the questions that Dr. Hubacek will address in his presentation.


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