oikos talk – Sustainable Tourism

28. April 2020 um 18:00 – 19:30
online via zoom
oikos talk - Sustainable Tourism @ online via zoom

Broaden your mind, experience new cultures or simply relax?

⟶ Travelling is great, that’s for sure!
Everyone does it and almost everyone loves it. But did you ever took the time to actually think about the impact you as tourist may have?🤔

Tourism is one of the worlds major industries generating about 10% of world’s GDP. However, it is also one of the main CO2 emitters globally and proofs to be responsible for a whole bunch of environmental and social problems starting from waste and pollution issues to loss of biodiversity, gentrification as well as over-tourism. So does this mean that travelling is evil? 🤭
Not necessarily❗️ But certainly the tourism industry needs to be reshaped – towards an approach that considers environmental, social and economical aspects to the same extent. in short: we need sustainable tourism! ♻️

Fortunately there are people out there already working on that – and we from oikos Graz in cooperation with oikos Vienna are very pleased to present you two of them right away.

Two real pioneers in the field of sustainable tourism! âś…

👉🏽Leon Röser, Founder of “Schau auf’s Land (https://www.schauaufsland.at/)” and author of a prize-winning masters thesis (https://news.uni-graz.at/de/detail/article/wie-nachhaltig-reisen-junge-menschen-1/) about sustainable tourism will speak about the negative consequences of tourism, possible solutions and tips to make your own travels more sustainable.

👉🏽Gudrun Gruber & Martina Handler, CEO and Head of Sustainability of the Sustainable Tour Operator “Weltweitwandern (https://www.weltweitwandern.at/)” from Graz will provide you with some hands-on practice example on how a sustainable tourism company could look like, what it means to live sustainability all along the supply chain and what you need to consider when booking sustainable journeys for yourself.

Following the two presentations YOU will have the chance to join a brief online workshop, exchange ideas, ask questions and discuss ways forward. oikos Graz and the oikos Vienna are looking forward to meet you online! 🙌🏼

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