Reconomy: Social Entrepreneurship

22. Februar 2021 um 19:00 – 21:00
Have you ever thought about how business and the overall economy will work in the future? 🤔 We are all aware of the fact that a reduction of emissions, the saving of energy, water and other resources as well as a decrease in overall consumption levels is needed in order to achieve a sustainable way of doing business. This is why it is required to redefine our economy❗️
👉 But how should that look like? How can a sustainability-oriented economy work? Our new oikosTalks-Series “Reconomy – Our Brave New Business World” will deal with those questions. Every month we will prepare a new topic for you, all related to how our future economy may become. 🙌
🎉 So we are happy to announce our first topic of this new series: Social Entrepreneurship! ✨
Indeed, a sustainable future of business does not only comprise a focus on the environment. No, also the social dimension of sustainability is increasingly important. And for this reason it is crucial that entrepreneurial activities aim at finding innovative, pragmatic and long-term solutions for social problems and thereby achieve positive change in our society. So we believe that Social Entrepreneurship would be the ideal topic to start our series with. 👫
As always, the event will comprise speeches by several experts. We are very happy to welcome those following speakers:
👉Rüdiger Wetzl-Piewald (Board member of Social Business Club Styria)
👉Markus Beckmann (Professor for Corporate Sustainability Management)
👉Tanja Tiefenbacher (Project Manager at Tagwerk)
There will also be lots of room for discussion and interaction within our event for you guys! 😊
So: Save the date 👇
❗️Monday, February 22nd at 19:00❗️
We are looking forward to seeing you there (online of course) 😉

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