Reconomy: Sustainable Finance

17. Mai 2021 um 19:00 – 20:00
Would you like to learn more about the impact you can have on a more sustainable economy, even on a rather small student budget? 💶 🌱
Maybe you’ve already heard of the term “sustainable finance” – more and more banks are offering investment opportunities for their customers with a binding promise to invest their money exclusively in organizations whose products and services create economically, ecologically and socially sustainable benefits. 🌍
🤔 But what exactly is sustainable finance? Are you keen on getting to know the different methods your money can improve the world? And how sustainable are such investments in fact? Can banks really keep their promise to invest the money only in a sustainable manner?
Does that sound interesting to you? 🙌
Then join us on our third event “Sustainable Finance” within our talks series “Reconomy – A brave new business world”, focusing on how our future and a sustainable economy can look like.
As always, we will have an exciting discussion with guest speakers who are experts in that field. 🎉 We are happy to announce the following speakers:
👉 The investment consultant and blogger (“Investorella”) Larissa Kravitz
👉 ESG product manager Dominik Benedikt from Erste Bank’s Erste Green Invest program
👉 Fritz Fessler from the board of management of Genossenschaft für Gemeinwohl
So: Save the date👇
❗️Monday, May 17th at 19:00❗️
We are looking forward to seeing you (still online 😉)!

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