The climate catastrophe

DSSE (Doctoral School Social Ecology) Ringvorlesung
The climate catastrophe. Between research and activism.
June 8th 2021
5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m
Interactive Discussion with Julia Steinberger, Manuel Grebenjak and Tonny Nowshin
Moderated by Luzia Straßer
Zoom Link upon Registration – Please send an Email to
Averting the climate catastrophe and fuelling a socio-ecological transformation requires a joint effort from key pillars in society – among others activists, journalists and scientists. While activists are primarily considered to be ‘allowed’ to push for change openly and strongly, their scope for systemic changes is limited; nonetheless their considerable potential should not be underestimated and has been historically proven. Journalists can achieve a wider public outreach, yet the urgency of the climate crisis appears to not have arrived at many editors’ desks. Rather the contrary: individual authors emphasizing the necessity of societal change receive harsh criticism and are being called ‘activists’ – with a negative connotation. This also applies to scientists, who are increasingly raising their voices publicly since the beginning of the Fridays for Future movement. Research is often expected to be ‘neutral’ and ‘objective’ – but does that have to be mutually exclusive with the promotion of structures supporting a sustainable lifestyle? How could a fruitful and effective cross-sectoral cooperation and communication between these pillars look like? What characterizes each pillar and how could they support a socio-ecological transformation?

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