Ocean Warriors: Chasing the Thunder

Earth Protectors / Meereswelt

20:30 Film + Q&A / European premiere!
Dienstag 6. November im Forum Stadtpark
Chasing The Thunder
US, 2018, 98 min, English OV
+ Q&A with film subject captain Peter Hammarstedt of Sea Shepherd as well as Sandra Kollegger and Robert March (Sea Shepherd Österreich)

Im Anschluss (und zwischen den Vorführungen): Filmbeisl im Saloon
Raum zum Unterhalten über die Filme in gemütlicher Atmosphäre (Saloon, 1. Stock)

Chasing the Thunder is a high-seas documentary about the Sea Shepherd’s epic 110-day, 10,000-mile chase of the “Thunder,” considered the world’s most notorious poaching vessel. Across two seas and three oceans, the marine activists hunted the fugitive fishing ship through massive ice floes, storms-tossed seas, a near collision and violent clashes until the Thunder dramatically sank, burying the evidence of its crimes on the bottom of the South Atlantic.

Generally, when most people think of organized crime, they associate the term with drugs, illegal arms sales, human trafficking and the like. A key part of this portfolio, it turns out, is illegal fishing. Using the most environmentally damaging gear and employing unsustainable fishing practices, these poachers rake in huge profits while causing incredible damage to some of the world’s most important and fragile ecosystems. Into this lawless milieu has stepped Sea Shepherd, infamous conservationists who, aboard a small flotilla of ships, have made it their mission to stop these criminal fishing operations by any means necessary.

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