Black Friday, can it ever be green?

Circular Economy – Ready to take the loop!

Black Friday is coming!! But what does that actually mean for sustainability? Isn’t it the goal to minimize consumption in order to limit global warming and stop resource overconsumption? How can the concept of Black Friday be seen with regards to Circular Economy?
Shouldn’t we reuse items instead of buying new things all the time?
Or can Black Friday actually do something good if we support the “right” brands?

Does that sound interesting to you? 
Then join our online event “Black Friday, can it ever be green?” next Wednesday! It is the first event within our new talks series “Circular Economy – Ready to take the loop”, focusing on different aspects of Circular Economy in Austria and the world.As always, we will have an exciting discussion with guest speakers who are experts in that field. We are happy to announce the following speakers: Hans Schnitzer, Co-Founder and Scientific Head of StadtLabor Graz Josef-Peter Schöggl, postdoctoral researcher in the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Sustainable Product Management

So: Save the date
Wednesday, November 24th at 19:00
We are looking forward to seeing you (online … Safety First 😉)!

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24. Nov 2021


19:00 - 21:00

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Oikos Graz


Oikos Graz

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