How to be circular in our daily lives?

Mittwoch, 9.3.2022, 19-21 Uhr, Quartier Leech, Leechgasse 22-24, 8010 Graz

You want to implement Circular Economy in your daily life but you don’t really know how to do that?

Then our upcoming event “How to be more circular in our daily lives?” on March 9th may be of great interest for you! 

Our event will focus on questioning our private use of natural resources and on showing ways on how to sustainably improve our consumer behavior. It will focus on a wide range of aspects that are related to our daily lives, such as:

#What possibilities do we have regarding circular clothes?
#How can we adopt a zero-plastic (or zero-waste) lifestyle?
#How can we differentiate between greenwashing and honest, sustainable intentions of a company?
#What is more sustainable – buying local products or buying greener products from abroad?

Does that sound interesting to you? 

Then save the date: Wednesday, March 9th, at 7 PM 

It will be the first in-person event within our talks series “Circular Economy – Ready to take the loop”, focusing on different aspects of Circular Economy in Austria and the world. The event will be entirely held in English. 

As always, we will have an exciting discussion with guest speakers who are experts in that field:
#Thomas Winkler: Co-Founder and CEO of Apflbutzn FaireModeGraz
#Sandra Krautwaschl: Austrian politician, representative of the Green Party in the Styrian federal state parliament; movie and book publisher regarding the topic of how individuals can adopt a plastic-free lifestyle
#Andreas Höfler: Initiator and organizer of the Repair Café Graz

2,5G applies. Proof of vaccination, recovery or PCR-Test will be checked before entry We are looking forward to finally seeing you in person! Your oikos Talks Team


09. Mrz 2022


19:00 - 21:00
Quartier Leech


Quartier Leech
Leechgasse 24, 8010 Graz
Oikos Graz


Oikos Graz

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