Someone’s WASTE is another one’s TREASURE

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oikos Talks invites🙏…to our 2nd online event within the series “Circular Economy – Ready to take the loop?” on January 19th!

Our event will be focused on the theme „Someone’s waste is another one’s treasure“ and we will shed light on the management of natural resources and waste in and around Austria.

Nowadays, Circular Economy is more demanded than ever before. But what does that actually mean when it comes to waste management and the responsible use of our natural resources?

Our upcoming event will help you to bring light into this complex topic💡 As usual we invited a bunch of experts with different backgrounds to take us on a journey of waste, resource use and innovation:

Prof. Dr. Ulrike-Maria Gelbmann – Professor at the University of Graz and expert in Waste Management

Dr. Max Oberhumer – Managing Director at Sappi Austria GmbH

Dr. Christian Schreyer – Managing Director at the “Dachverband der steirischen Abfallwirtschaftsverbände”Interested?

Save the date and join us on January 19th at 7pm❗As we don’t want the virus to spread, we will spread our knowledge in an online event 😉 The zoom link will be posted soon! ✌We are looking forward to an interesting talk and a great discussion with you! 🤗Your oikos Talks Team 💙


19. Jan 2022


19:00 - 21:00

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Oikos Graz


Oikos Graz

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