1. Advent: Changing the world …

a poem by Frederick J.B. Moore II

changing the world

changing the world
is never an easy task

because the minds of man never want to change 
but if you are crazy enough to try
then others will be crazy eough to follow

to change the world 
you don’t have to be perfect
all you need is an idea 
worth sharing and worth following 

to change the world 
your heart has to be into it 
you can’t half step what you do
or everything will fall apart 

change, my friends
is a great weapon 
one that everyman fears 
and some seek to avoid
so beware that not everyone
will change with you 
they are the lost ones 

to change the world 
you must be wise enough 
to hold your tongue 
and bear your arms

to change the world 
you must be wise enough 
to speak of peace 
and surrender for your cause

if you change the world in anyway 
you will be persecuted 
because man always fears 
anything he can’t understand 

to change the world 
you need a foundation behind you 
that will encourage you to keep pushing the world 
when you’re broken and exausted 

to change the world 
your first step has to be yourself 
because you are the greatest catalyst for change 
and the greatest challenge to tradition 

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